Recap: Shooting for the Seattle Seahawks

Q: “Would you be interested in shooting for the Seahawks?”

A: “Hell, yes.”

I’ve recently had an amazing opportunity to work as a guest photographer for the Seattle Seahawks and wanted to put together a massive recap of my work that has been published by the team. During the regular season I was able to photograph almost all of the homes games (I missed the SF & Tampa Bay game due to scheduling conflicts) and my photos have appeared on the team’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & website. My general assignment was pretty clear; there’s already an army of photographers shooting the action on the field, so instead, photograph the game day experience, the fans, the stadium, & players on the sidelines. Shoot anything that Rod Mar (the team photographer) isn’t shooting and look for the unique.

I’ve been a life-long Seahawks fan and to now be working for the team, documenting this special season, and creating images that my fellow 12s enjoy has been awesome…just freakin’ awesome.

Well, here we go…. Photo Galleries

Seahawks vs Jaguars: 12th MAN

Seahawks vs Titans: 12th MAN

Seahawks vs Vikings: 12th MAN

Seahawks vs Saints: 12th MAN

Behind the Scenes with Monday Night Football

Seahawks vs Cardinals: 12th MAN

Seahawks vs Rams: 12th MAN




Go Hawks!

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